Salmond is Right and the Vote was Wrong

Salmond: ‘No’ voters were ‘tricked’

Just days after the referendum, we now know that the leadership in Westminster was willing to do just about anything or promise everything if Scotland said No. Of course, why was the run up to the referendum the necessary act to create these promises, Yes, almost won. Fear of losing access to the oil fields of the North Sea terrified those directing pension funds into BP stocks. The Labour Party and the current cabinet have gravely underestimated how this would turn out. I fear a prolonged political argument, that will lay bare the falsehoods and empty promises of the past week. In the end, it will tangle Parliament for the next year and possibly lead to defections amongst the Conservative stalwarts. Scotland will eventually gain independence and join the EU as a greater equal to what will be left of the UK. European imperialism may not be dead but it is failing miserably. In addition, this provides, for the time being a look at the process of devolution in a peaceful manner.

My keenest wonder is what SNP leader Salmond has planned next.