Book Review: The Damascus Countdown

Damascus Countdown (The Twelfth Imam, #3)Damascus Countdown by Joel C. Rosenberg

My rating:  3 of 5 stars

The third installment in Joel C Rosenberg‘ series almost a forgone conclusion. It is a typical read in the series but the elements of Christian eschatology are wonderful to read. The woodenness and derivative Jack Ryan nature of the main character and his cast of American CIA military personnel was as expected and typically just too much.

That being said the actions of new believers is what pulls the story along. I found myself looking up verses alongside characters and mostly skimming through the violence of the book. The most compelling part of the story was the internal struggles of newly converted Muslim leaders and the tie-ins of eschatology and the events of the imam.

The Imam is, again, an unwieldy farcical character of evil and extremism which makes his moments both predicable and jarring. Around pg 300, I was only surprised by him because an entire scene progressed without him killing a subordinate. One of the final scenes has the Imam in the presence of subordinates and a believer but no one seems to really know what to do with the Christian. The lead up to the moment and the internal struggles of the characters who are believers is amazing and truly the best part of the read.

They were the true heroes of the book and constantly discussed and struggled to find answers to questions like: Whom do I tell? When do I speak of Christ to a non-believer? How much do I reveal? Will the Holy Spirit truly use me a as mouth piece for salvation? If anything, Rosenberg should really pull out these kinds of conversations and dialogues to build a manual on how to become a Missionary or Evangelist after becoming a Believer.

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