Crazy News: Exiled Nazis get SocSecurity

BBC:″>Exiled Nazis collected US benefits

According to current Social Security and Naturalization laws, any former US citizen still gets SocSecurity even if their citizenship is revoked and they are voluntarily deported. Anyone who has relatives that fought in WW2 or were victims of the Nazi regime should be shocked and appalled that this was even possible. In nor going to be naive and think that it wasn’t possible for a former Nazi to hide in the US, but to think that they could collect US funds after being found out is just farcical at the very least.
Other questions need to be raised as well. Why were these men knowingly allowed to leave the country and seek refuge/asylum in countries that would not prosecute their heinous crimes? Also, if they were found guilty and let to live in exile why did the US continue to fund their retirement? The bureaucracy seems so inundated with Kafkaesque rules that the true needs of the nation get lost in necessity of odd domestic diplomacy.