Is It Time

By 1053, the churches in Time and Constantinople when at odds with each other. Norman and Germanic raiders were constant threatening Rome and her territories. While, Turks, Arab, and Persian armies were beginning to take huge swaths of the Eastern Empire. At that time the issues at hand were large but manageable and could have been avoided if not for political issues that took hold over the next hundred years. Today, I wonder if the RCC is at that point again and this time the cultural barriers of the Orthodox Church and Reformist Protestant church’s would be the new haven for conservative Catholics.
Pope Francis and his progressive bishops continue to struggle with the idea of a small conservative church that people seek out because it is different and not all inclusive. Their push towards progressive reforms is agitating many and aggressively drawing lines. Will conservatives leave their parishes if it is revealed that their bishop voted in an alternative matter? It seems as though it might to me to become a diaspora church.

The many monarchies of Europe have fallen away from orthodox faith. The RCC seems lost in a see of secularism. And the Protestant church in America is faltering. Many are hemorrhaging debt at the same rate they are losing members and for the same reasons. Secularism is pushing out conservatives or liberals are leaving because of a lack of progressive change. Maybe it is time to become a lean, cadre of churches that aggressively look at the family unit first and then the community as a whole. Churches are getting really good at creating outreach but it seems that we are doing to much catch and release, obeyed of making fishers of men.