Update: Samsung Chromebook (2012)

I spent most of the weekend using it as my go to for a desktop experience and I’m beginning to see a couple of different good and had reasons to want one.

The Good
This is the best laptop for someone without a tablet who wants a desktop experience for viewing and using media via the Web. I will say not having a touch screen is annoying, if you are use to it, but not everyone has gone the tablet route yet. Another advantage, is overall integration of Google’s cloud. I’ve used both of my Google accounts logged out and then logged in to the other to see what happened with sharing and simple use and was pleased with the update between shared content. Of course that is exactly what this device was designed to do.

The Bad
It is not like a laptop or a tablet. Now, I’m a firm believer that when you use an OS you basically stop using other types for a bit to see what you can learn quickly. Having a trackpad with no buttons is really odd for most who have never tried it.(My wife did not like the experience.) Of course it is what Apple has consistently used since it developed the Macbook line. Mac users seem comfortable with the layout but frustrated that iTunes isn’t their for them. This will continue to be problem as so many get to a point where either they switch or stay and has nothing really to do with iOS or Chrome as functioning mobile interfaces but more so to do with availability of the cloud. Other things to think about would be WiFi issues. Anyone who has to login to a proxy server everything they jump onto a network will need to save those login pages or make them the Home page for when Chrome browsing is launched.

If I were to need a laptop right now, I would buy a Chromebook with a bit more beef to it or System 76 based Linux machine. Now, the more I use this one I begin to ask if a Chromebox would be the viable replacement for my home entertainment consumption. Apps and consumption are a big drawback here but those could catch up with the tech interfaces soon. I have known for a long time that I don’t need a Window’s machine to do my job, of course this basically proved it. Minus the VGA cable cable output I could use this everyday as a teacher and never look back. Note a great workaround wild be to buy a Chromestick instead of the adapters and stream into your projector directly.