Age of Sexual Consent

The Economist: How Young Is Too Young

Laws to define consensual sex and sexual exploitation via digital media are completely out of use based on the patchwork of moral choice within parenthood. The idea of legislating morality is a quirky one because we have to choose which moral standard to accept and as parents to accept, reject, or add to that code. Of course cultural reasoning plays a part. Why do you create the consent laws, is it to punish predators against children (who may never understand their sickness as a victim filled pursuit) or to curb sexual exploration outside or marriage. Once the choice is made then you have to choose who will pick up the slack on the other end. Yet, it is not simply about the two extremes, teenage sex or child rape, it is about the whole gambit in between.

Parents have to be a part of the process and when they choose not to be they must be held into account as well. If a set of parents allow for premarital sex in their home; then, do other parents have a chance to prosecute them as well as the child. If it were another kind of felony they would be held accountable because they created an environment for their child that promoted the crime. Or if it were to happen outside of the home, who gets the blame. The laws about consent are based on blame. Who put the child at risk to be taken advantage of and why? One has to ask is making Romeo and Juliet Laws the answer to a problem parents are not willing to deal with on their own. And if parents are not choosing to engage, then how should they be held accountable. The spouses of pedophiles are constantly held up in court for allowing the endangerment of the child, Honey Boo Boo currently is one in the pop culture spotlight. Why are parents not held accountable for training up a child in the ways of the world.

Pop culture and public education is constantly teaching children that sex is a selfish act partaken by two individuals; therefore, rape is sex without consent. Sex has no real repercussions or definition outside of marriage. Thus, we now have to generate laws about consent to sex outside of marriage and who is to blame. Once you put into that context it’s clear, we are all to blame.

My wife made a great point that is completely relevant, how is Kim K and her nice magicking spread news. When sex is made to be trivial socially; then it becomes harder to define when
it is not.

Note: To be clear predators are the purveyors, the peddlers, and the partakers. I have no sympathy for sex traffickers and let them all rot in a dark recess of hell.