Book Review: Samurai Jack Vol 3

Samurai Jack, Vol. 3: Quest for the Broken BladeSamurai Jack, Vol. 3: Quest for the Broken Blade by Jim Zub

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Again, one of the better reads out there. If you are looking for brooding not boredom, then this is the comic to dive into. Jack finds himself at the mercy of fate once again, as he must chose to lose his sword or continue to travel precariously through time. Of course, after almost losing his mind and all that makes him a Samurai, that would almost be a good choice to make.
Jim Zub continues to do a great job of blending traditional manga with modern minimalist tones and blocking. I can almost see a Kurosawa film fold out of my tablet screen as I read. For anyone who is a fan of the series, old Cartoon Network, or just Samurai Jack, this a another have to read. Be sure to grab the other two Volumes first. Samurai Jack, Vol. 1 Samurai Jack, Vol. 2: The Scotsman’s Curse Some of the Scotsman’s curse books are referenced and may help.

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