RePost: Christian deconversion stories that will literally blow your mind


This is a great read from a fellow blogger/believer and his honesty is completely refreshing on the concept of conversion, public confession, and personal vanity. Read it.

Running The Race


A week or so ago, I posted my Christian testimony.

Since then I have read over it a few times and come to the conclusion that it’s sort of meh, bland, boring, ho-hum…

Not saying my testimony isn’t an effective way to personalize my experience and get a conversation about Jesus going but I sometimes wish it were a little more dramatic, like the one this guy shares.

But why? Why would I wish my personal experience was different than it is?

Because this is something we all, on some level, and at least secretly, wish because we know that what sells, gets sympathy, and gets people talking are remarkable stories of things that simply don’t happen to average people.

Think about this in terms of your own life for a minute. If someone were to make a movie about your bland existence, would it sell as many tickets as…

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