Christianity, FYI, History, Politics

I just want my readers to know that I am going to comment. I have seen and sadly expect to continue seeing people not arguing the issue but instead hurling irate drivel and lowly insults. Both the ACA and Same-Sex Marriage rulings are not surprising; however, it is not the ruling that upsets me the most. It is the vitriol being used by people who don’t want to discuss the fears that lay ahead.

Christianity did not die in a court room today. These events simply provide additional evidence that the US has become a post-Christian society. Socially conservative churches are now feeling the overwhelming pop culture pressures to conform. Some will fold, some will slowly fade, and others will fight. This has been a long time coming and we have chosen not make ourselves prepared. Now, it is time.

However, it is the ever ultra-progressive block of anti-Christian liberals should be challenged.  For almost a century, they have forced the populous to become dependent on the social reforms and policies they deem fit to replace institutions and traditions that built the modern Western World. We cannot simply “cower in our churches” any longer. Following the industrial boom and market crashes of the last century, we have allowed the State to replace the community. Jack booted Fascists were defeated and Communism collapsed under the banners of Liberty but we assimilated the “Greatest Generation’s” successes into societal apathy.

It is time for the Church to let a nation know who we are and what we believe. That we might remind the People of a rebirth of freedom in Christ.