Were They Versailles, Geneva, or Munich Talks?

Iran nuclear deal ‘near completion’ BBC news

It is obvious that the Iranian government was not telling the whole truth at the negotiating table. Closed IAEA inspections could prove to be advantageous under the current administration but GOP warhawks are aplenty.
In addition, the US negotiators might have made hallow promises that conservatives won’t support in the US Senate. The main issue, sanctions, would free up Iranian Banks to begin moving monies to and from groups outside of Iran. Granted those monies do move now but the limitations and fluidity of assets of far more restricted.
The Guardian has a good piece on the daily life in Iran for several average citizens here is an excerpt:

Some 770 kilometers north of Zahedan, 60-year-old Ali sells art supplies on Sajjad Boulevard in Mashhad, Iran’s second-largest city. “There is a fundamental, structural reason why Iran is so broken – financial corruption and organized crime,” he says. “Even if they remove the sanctions and begin selling oil, the money will flow right into the pockets of the fat cats. The economy isn’t going to be fixed so easily. Thirty years ago Iranian leaders were saying that they were ready to rescue the world, but now all of the world has to rescue us.”

However, Iran is not sitting idly by in the region. Just this week news of the Quds Force leadership traveling to Moscow should begin to show how they will treat the completed agreement. Additionally, oil production and sells to China could further escalate tensions as China is beginning to back several other Islamic Regimes in Africa as well.