Poltical Distraction or Machiavellian Destruction

Economics, Education, Kentucky, Politics

Apparently, this is all part of a larger scheme… We knew. Teachers know because we know. We know when kids come to our classes hungry and can’t sleep because the bills aren’t being paid. We know when they had to move for the third time this semester because of violence in the home or a threat of parental deportation. We know when they are stretched too thin because a marriage is collapsing around them and they are being the third parent when the other two are not. Teachers know because we see an entire community in our classrooms every day and we knew that Thursday was just the beginning of a large-scale corruption scheme writ large across KY because only cowards hide in the dark.

The Republican leadership planned to pass the pension reform bill, then a tax reform bill, then a corrupt charter school bill, and finally next month Gov. Biven will then replace the entire KY Board of Ed with whomever he wishes because they are all up for reappointment. However, this is a perfect storm of blame because for the past two decades RNC and DNC leaders alike have raided and/or underfunded the COLA and Insurance payments that would have kept this fiscal crisis from happening. They have refused to reform tax codes in the state and kept kicking it on down the line. If these measures go into law a new localized financial crisis will explode across the Commonwealth as district after district will have to shoulder the burden of unfunded retirements mandated by the state but unfunded by legislative design. This is about more than pensions; it is about the future of the Commonwealth.

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