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Personal Biography

I am a self-professed news junkie, techie, and SciFi Geek. I have been happily married and have started to share my love for Star Wars with daughters. During the work week, I truly enjoy teaching and being involved in academia for almost. In the past, I was actively involved with KEA, EKU Writing Project, EKUWP, and KySTE Technology Initiatives but in recent years have shifted to  Digital Citizenship and Global Competency Initiatives. I have been teaching at Model Lab School since 2008.

BFW1203.JPGI traveled all my life and had some awesome trips: Australia/ NZ, Spain, and Canada. So far, my honeymoon to Ireland is the best. Lived all over, SC, IN, TN, WV, NM, and currently KY. I was born in Spain but am actually 100% (US) American and can legally be the president in 6 years. (Bryan Wilson in 2016, that would make me the youngest.)

I am a self-professed sportaholic and news junkie. For the past five years I have been a teacher in KY. I truly enjoy teaching and being involved with academics. I have been actively involved with KEA and the EKU Writing Project. Apparently they liked me so much I was asked to come back and become the EKUWP Technology Liaison. I began working on my Masters in Ed Leadership in 2006.

Teaching Philosophy

Volunteering my time and becoming a teacher leader has taught me the importance of mentoring others, developing key policy changes, and vision while adhering to the responsibilities of leadership inside the classroom and out in the community. I believe in a philosophy of building mutual support amongst teachers, students and stakeholders while focusing on communicating goals and expectations as a true measure of success. By using student data with the correct balance of external investment and internally developed resources, school leaders can address needs through the areas of staff development, student directed growth and sustainable success practices. My research work, professional development sessions, and conference presentations have concentrated on the effects and best practices of social media in the academic community and student life, the diverse means of communicating in a mobile-centric education landscape, and integration of MakerSpace resources in a decentralized school.

As a teacher, I view every student as the opportunity to better the school and the community. By taking this view I am able to look positively at the long-term aspects of daily activities. The entire school year should be treated as a cycle of assessments and development that builds students’ abilities. These activities promote higher-order thinking and analysis skills. With the integration of technology and multi-genre writing projects, students are able to assimilate different types of communication and reasoning. Collaboration is also important to this process because it brings different perspectives into the activities. Integration of projects throughout several disciplinary classes allows students to see concepts in a new light. During my time teaching, I have been able to develop these ideas and activities in roles both in and out of the classroom.

Professional Background

Currently, I am a member of the Model Laboratory High School Faculty and have taught locally at George Rogers Clark HS. I have experience in teaching Freshman Civics, World History, US History, and Acc US History. I have also worked as the Writing and FPS Coach for the Academic Team and faculty sponsor for various Class Government.

I believe my teaching style lends itself to this format since I teach history as an integration of multiple studies across the continuum of time. Also, I worked with the students in developing a Student Government Constitution, social events planning, and their first Prom.

I completed graduate coursework at EKU on an M.A. Ed. in Instructional Leadership with an endorsement in Secondary Education: English in 20011.  My graduate research concentrated on Web 2.0 and Social Media, as a means to promote communication and academic expectations among all members of an individual academic community.


Richland Northeast High School, Diploma (1979)

Marshall University, College of Education,  B. A. in Secondary Education (2002)

Eastern Kentucky University, College of Education, M.A. Ed in Instructional Leadership (2011)

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