CW 150: Memorial Day

In 1970, Memorial Day became a federal holiday on the last Monday in May and now most people are not even sure what the holiday is about because it is the unofficial first day of summer. First, don't tell a soldier, "Happy Memorial Day," that would be in poor taste. Second, it is about the soldiers who "gave their last full measure" for their country. Third, it started as a random remembrance day following the Civil War. Before this, there was only the 4th of July as a "national" holiday.


DACA and Charlottesville are Two sides of the Same Coin

By continuously expanding the scope of the Executive, members of Congress find themselvesĀ on a small and small political playing field. Many of the issues that they should be deciding have been relegated occasional show votes for party allegiance.... The other side of this is the idea that people may actually know their community in better and more intimate way because of the fruitfulness of persevering the process. Do your neighbors seek independence or autocrats?