2014 Poetry Day Two

Personal, Poetry

I’m Afraid of the Dark  ZOMBIES!!!!!
I’m afraid of the Dark.
Not so much the darkness
or the damp cold that wraps my body
Zombies hide in the dark.
I know they are there, in the recesses and the shadows
Movies, TV, books all show them there
I hate what I fear for Fear is the mind killer.
I scare myself too much


I am still in the making

Personal, Poetry

Originally Written May 2006

I am more than the sum of my parts but still less than I could be.
I wonder what the next generation will be able to do better than mine.
I hear the whisper of long lost invention still struggling to keep bewilderment alive.
I see the gleaming greatness of possibility in everyone I meet.
I want to travel back to moments of discovery and search for the astonishment of innovation.
I am still in the making and anxious about it.

I pretend to battle ancient enemies of equality and beat back the lost victories of liberation.
I feel weighed down by my mislaid opportunities and possibilities.
I touch the face of my wife to remind me of what matters most in life.
I worry if I am still the prince that she always wanted.
I cry about the regrets that hold me down.
I am more afraid of my past than my future.

I understand that I can not change everything and that I am not always right (just misinformed).
I say that tomorrow is waiting for something better than today.
I dream about the day when I can shape the ideas of the nation.
I try to make everyone happy, even though I don’t always want to.
I hope my children’s lives will be more than my own.
I am scared that one day I could get what I always wanted, before I know how to handle it.