Re-Watch The Godfather I and II

When The Godfather showed up on Netflix a few months ago, I slotted it into the Watchlist and played it when I could. I found myself watching pockets of about 20-45mins at a time and the movie has some candid elements to it that way. Sonny's assassination was the last part I watched one night and it gave me chills all day thinking that, for some, it could be that brutal of a life and did family actually know your true self and loves. Seeing Michael broken when Apollonia is killed gives you so much more meaning to the way you view your wife. But of course, with all re-watches, there are things that seem a bit different from the first time around, especially with kids in the house. 


Register to Vote!!!

If you would like to be part of voting during this Federal Midterm and State Legislative cycle get registered this weekend. Follow the link. #GoVoteKY @KySecofState Source: Voter Information Guide - Kentucky State Board of Elections