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I’m 14% through my third reading of Spiritual Leadership: A Commitment to Excellence for Every Believer (Commitment To Spiritual Growth) by J. Oswald Sanders.

There is so much in this book. A chapter a day makes it worth it revisiting all the time. At this rate, I might actually highlight the whole thing.

After listing to the 5 Leadership Questions podcast on Designed to Lead, I decided to re-read Chambers. Also really interested in what the new editions from Moody Publishing will bring to the table and the B&H Publishing special editions of classics.

In short, curiosity turns us outward, away from selfishness. Our base desire is to turn every relationship to our benefit, to get what we can out of it. Curiosity, at its best, undermines this sinful desire because it locks in on the needs and interests and desires of the other person. Instead of “What can they do for me?”it becomes “Who is this person and what do they need?”Of course we can misuse curiosity to exploit others but not as we have seen curiosity to be. True curiosity focuses outward, away from the self.
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Quote: The Curious Christian by Barnabas Piper

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