Gilgamesh and Three-person Babies

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BBC News: Churches oppose three-person babies

Gilgamesh is said to have been one-third man and two-thirds god, now I know how that might be. In a play towards further acceptance of embryonic research, scientists in the UK are pushing for the chance to fuse eggs from two different women in hopes to stop the continuation of mitochondrial disease. They will replace the disease ridden mitochondria in one woman’s egg with that of another woman.

Eugenics supporters must be ecstatic to hear this because it would of course only be the beginning. Gataca would soon become a reality, and gene splicing to create the “perfect baby” the new normal. Yet, the researchers and current scientist argue this would never happen, legally. Their attempt to place a righteous veil over questionably ethical genetics is completely ridiculous.

History has shown, time and time again, that governments will embrace science no matter how ethical the breakthrough might appear to be. Cold weather and atomic research of the Nazis, bioweapons and nerve agents developed by Japan were all coveted by the militaries of the Society Union and the West. But these are modern times, it seems we would be remise to forget Mengle’s research in eugenics, some still reference his work loosely in modern journals.

So, where does this put the future bioethicists who will argue against the use of genetic culls in the name of “humane” births. That same camp will be the one occupied by those who hold the torch of the right to life today and they are already being targeted as being becoming a pseudo-caste amongst doctors. When the Catholic and Anglican Churches both voiced support of several bioethicists who questioned the procedure they were treated in this way by The Telegraph

Scientists have accused the church leaders of refusing to examine overwhelming evidence which shows that the creation of three parent babies is ethical and safe.

The Anglican and Catholic churches have both warned that it would irresponsible for MPs to pass new laws allowing the DNA of a ‘second mother’ to be used to repair genetic faults in an unborn child.

What is going on? It the summation of a post-Christianity Western World that has replaced God with scientific evolutionary medicine. Of course their work is both unethical and a glaring example of intelligent design. Would we have the genius of Stephen Hawking, a known atheist and evolutionist, if this procedure were used in his infancy?


Modern Art No Longer Shocks


BBC: Magazine: Has Modern Art Exhausted Its Power to Shock?

In a post from the BBC magazine, they wonderded aloud if Modern Art can shock the masses like it once did. Of course, at one time the avant-garde of modern art was amazing in its ability to create what was defined as art. However, now we have a post-Modern Art generation of artist and the question now becomes more of technique and wonder of creation. It seems to be that the art world will always have it’s forward looking creators and their group of patrons but for the rest of the world it’s a matter of creating for the self-indulgence of creativity. The shock factor is nothing built into the subject but into the process; thus, building inspiration through thought of concept and not the actual work itself. Where Munch, Monet, and Van Gogh, placed the viewer directly into the moment of emotion and movement; Chihuly and Picasso make us wonder how and why a piece works with its surrounding facets.