LOGO2.0 part I

LOGO2.0 part I (Photo credit: Ludwig Gatzke)


Back to Blogger. I have decided to move my personal blog back to my Blogger profile and use most of the tools that Google has created during the past year for +G integration.

Here is the link and when I can begin force posting Blooger into my WP page I will. Thanks for all the back tracks and I’ll see you on the other side of the Google wall.


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KySTE11 Conference Reflection

Building your blog from the ground-up can be a long and difficult process. For teachers it can also mean building a life long tool used by years of students and families. The idea of social media is not going to leave the classroom but it can overwhelm a teacher‘s purpose. Thus, using blogs a literacy tool is both a proper approach and a long term commitment.
This Friday, March 11, will mark my third anniversary of my first blog post. I remember writing that piece in my classroom and thinking that I should say something not too provocative but very interesting and actually conveys my interest in the idea of standardized testing. Little did I know then that I would push outwards and develop in a short time my own voice and yearning to be a teacher/blogger. I love to write and to share my writing. As a result I have just a few friends who read my blog, even fewer comment on Facebook and even fewer email me about what I write. Since then I have helped over 50 teachers and at least 130 students begin developing a blog of their own. Now I don’t say this to brag but to simply say, I should be doing more.
Therefore, I am going to lay down the how-to on building a maintaining a student blogging classroom.