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Bruce Pearl
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Bruce Pearl’s job at Tennessee protcted by contract – ESPN.

In January, I praised this man for his abilities to create a positive athletic environment at UT. Now it appears I may have been wrong. I truly hope what they are saying about his program an actions proves to be incorrect.�

via Bruce Pearl’s job at Tennessee protcted by contract – ESPN.

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Why I admire Bruce Pearl…



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According to developing reports, several key players/starters for the UTK Vols have been arrested and charged with DUI, fellony drug, and gun possession. Now without missing a beat or news cycle the players are suspend by Pearl. No need for second thoughts or even explinantions. College Sports these days are more than $1billion annually; so, too many times coaches make bad long term decisions by playing the waiting game on player discpline.
Case-in-point Chris Henry of the Cincinnati Bangels. This formal WVU star spent most of his college career skirting the thin line of eligibility and those spent a lot of time under the NFL Players Union microscope. Sadly enough his tragic death has been overshadowed by these past events. When all accounts have shown the young man had cleaned up his life and tragedy was happenstance.

Hopefully for these young men the opportunity to reflect on poor decisions will be able to turn them around in the long run.
Senior forward Tyler Smith among 4 Tennessee Volunteers players facing gun, drug charges – ESPN

“They are all suspended indefinitely,” Pearl told‘s Andy Katz. “I’m extremely disappointed, this is embarrassing for the program and the university.”

According to a police report, officers smelled marijuana coming from the car and found a handgun with an altered serial number, a bag of marijuana and an open container of alcohol. Tatum was driving.

Officers could not determine whether any of the players were under the influence of marijuana, though the strong odor suggested marijuana had recently been smoked in the car, the police report said.

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