CW 150: Secession, Timing, and Purpose

During the time following the attack on Ft. Sumter but before the Battle of Bull Run, the country held its breath and began to find out what secession really means. No one was truly surprised when Firebrands in GA and SC began to push the slave holding aristocracy towards secession in the Deep South. Lincoln could… Continue reading CW 150: Secession, Timing, and Purpose


CW 150: Battle of Fort Sumter

On this day the battle of Ft. Sumter took place. This would become the first battle of the war. Even though the battle resulted in only one casualty. This minor loss would encourage southern resolve for the next few months as the secession process would continue and the war would happen. The modern irony of this sesquicentennial is that… Continue reading CW 150: Battle of Fort Sumter