News Says What!?!

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“I don’t get it, Chewie. I know I was out of it for a little while. But everybody seems to have delusions of grandeur.” OK so I went on a mini news blackout for about 12hrs, then I read the following headings on the BBC ago in succussion:

Synod signals Catholic shift on gays
This is even more crazy than Justice Kennedy telling states they can’t issue licenses unless the rulings of lower courts directly related to their state.

MPs back Palestinian statehood
Not to be out done by Sweden I guess. Maybe if they both agree on Palestine, it will be easier for them to deal with Scottish Indp and control of North Sea petroleum rights.

Plants ‘absorb more CO2 than thought’
Speaking of petroleum, climate models might be wrong. Do I really need to argue this point again?

How screwy is this world getting?

Climate Change is still a Pseudo-Science

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Instead of Protesting, Climate Marchers Should Read This