Limitless Military Industrial Complex

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Conservatives should recognize that indulging this behavior (allowing for limitless spending by the military) damages their credibility as the champions of efficiency and good government, and undermines their military goals. For years, the Left has suffered from the poor quality of government services, the Right’s warning that the latest progressive program would inevitably be the “DMV writ large” proving a reliable and efficacious line of attack. As long as the Right covers for the military’s excess, there is no reason that this cannot be turned on them to undermine the programs they do like.

Quoted from The Conservatarian Manifesto. Currently reading an ARC from NetGalley and this book is a great read.

“Socially liberal” and “socially libertarian” today mean almost precisely opposite things. If there is one thing our “social liberals” hate, it is liberty. In their view, you’re free to do as they please. -Kevin Williamson

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