VoD: Word of God

You should never doubt that the word of God is holy inspired. If it were not, then why would a mighty God allow the falsehoods of His divinity to exist? Or why would the correctness of the book hold up over time at a greater rate then anything else written during its time? Only divine intervention can explain.

For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.
2 Peter 1:21 ESV


VoD: Do Good

Where Shakespare has Marc Antony comment that, “the evil that men do lives after them,” I would argue that people want to leave behind a legacy of sustainable good. Parents hope for children that will become successful adults. Entreprenuers want a business that will grow and last; while some want to meet the needs of the community. Others simply want to be a patriot of compassion by being more than just a friend.
Paul is showing us that God wants us to be more than just the sum of our sucesses, he is speaking to the greatness of good. Chinua Achebe’s writes the perfect paradox of doing good.

The real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.

They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share,
1 Timothy 6:18 ESV