Veepstakes Continue


>Huckabee/RomneyToday the Republican V-P race heated up again and is starting to look more and more like the original nomination race. Again, Huck and Mitt are throwing barbs at each other over who is more qualified as the true conservative candidate. Of course McCain has a choice these two or door number three. My bet is that he will reach back to his true Maverick roots and find a Goose among the pigeons. Too many of GOP the contenders were mediocre or carrying a voting record that is disturbing to the core conservative base. The scary fact is that either of these men would be a good running mate but to put them only a heart attack away from the Oval is still not good enough for the GOP leadership. The Washington Post ran an article bashing Huck for speaking out but again this should not be a surprising move on his part. The length of time between the nomination process and the convention are almost as long as glacial migration and have made the anxiety among core voters unbearable. No matter who is pick, the one thing that should be learned by all of this is that the parties need to reformat the process and put the races or the conventions in together. No more three month layoffs.

Speaking of Veeps…
Today the LA Times announced that several members of the state DNC committees will move to nominate Hillary from the floor in Denver. Now the issue is what happens next. Will the DNC eat its young and debate through almost four votes? If so we now are on the edge of a true democratic process and the possibility of having a dual minority ticket within the DNC, women being a minority in politics. As that prospect becomes ever more present then the question becomes what will the Obama Nation reaction. Will the unions that so vehemently opposed Hillary stick by Obama and continue the canvasing of multiple neighborhoods to up the registrations of DNC voters. Or will the DNC break under its own weight as many of the state party leadership continue to struggle to maintain liquidity during the process. Of course there is always the Green answer but who really thinks that Gore could win anyway. (We Campaign does!)

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