2018 Election is a Referendum on Trump, not Conservativism.

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In the Washington Post today, Tom Nichols has an OpEd arguing the validity of voting for the GOP this year if you consider yourself a Conservative Republican.  Nichols, “every vote for any GOP candidate will be a signal from the rank and file that elected Republican officials should remain supine while Trump takes a hatchet to the American political system.” Now, he has never hidden his opinion about President Trump and in fact, led the group of conservative academics arguing that Hillary Clinton was a better choice than Trump in 2016.  You can see below that his point is that the current cult of personality that has engulfed the GOP has led the party to believe any form of wins would reflect that his personality politics is working to make the Big Tent bigger.

As a Conservative, I’d have to agree but as a Libertarian, the narrowness of his point is what gives the DNC its steam. If Trump’s politics is the end of Conservativism as it was once thought to be, a balance against Wilson’s Progressivism and FDR’s New Dealers, then why not reforge the whole party politics system anyway. Honestly look at third party candidates and vote them up the tix. Nichols argument for using Parliamentary style voting to move the ballot is what I have been saying for years. A none bi-partisan system built on the ideas of coalition governments and political strength at the center instead of the fringes. This would also push the system to accountability.

The excerpt below is from the article, “Want to save the GOP, Republicans? Vote for every Democrat on this year’s ballot.” by Tom Nichols published by The Washington Post.

This lock-step adherence to a party leader is why it’s now illogical to say: “I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’ll still vote Republican.” Every seat Republicans keep in 2018 will be a signal to the national party, and to GOP leaders in Congress, that they should continue supporting Trump, no matter how outrageous his antics, and no matter how much they privately disagree. Every vote for any GOP candidate will be a signal from the rank and file that elected Republican officials should remain supine while Trump takes a hatchet to the American political system.

By definition, a vote for any Republican candidate in 2018 is a vote for family separation, tax cuts without corresponding budget cuts, daily insult theatrics in the Oval Office and porn-star payoffs. It’s a vote to ignore Russian corruption of our elections. It’s also a vote, no matter where in the country it’s cast, for a Trump-compliant successor to Speaker Paul Ryan, who’ll preside over the continuing farce in which Trumpists like Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) remain as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, ready and willing to put party over country.

And make no mistake: It’s a vote giving Trump license to fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III the day after Election Day.


>Google Wants U.S. to Weigh Challenging China in WTO (Update2) – BusinessWeek



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It’s about time that someone stands up to the digital giant of China. Even though we are currently in debt to them, this is a key moment to push back. With China in an ownership position we are able to force them into a position that allows more economic freedom on our part while simultaneously creating digital freedoms within China.

Google Wants U.S. to Weigh Challenging China in WTO (Update2) – BusinessWeek: “Going to the WTO is “well worth consideration,” Nicole Wong, deputy general counsel of Google, operator of the most popular Internet search site, told reporters after a congressional hearing in Washington yesterday. Using censorship “in a manner that favors domestic Internet companies goes against basic international trade principles,” Wong told lawmakers.
Google will stop censoring results as required by the government in China, the company said Jan. 12 after what it called an infiltration of its technology and the e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.
The Obama administration sided with Mountain View, California-based Google. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Jan. 20 that China is among countries “walling themselves off” from progress by restricting Web access.
“‘We are looking at that,” U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said in an interview with Bloomberg Radio on Feb. 23, when asked about the proposal to take a case against China to the WTO, the Geneva-based trade arbiter. “It’s less of a trade issue than it is a freedom of information issue.””

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