>A Week without Social Media (via Chimaera)

>Very interesting read about the true usefulness of social media. I have to admit that the idea of walking away from Facebook is a very interesting idea. Hmm... I'm behind on everything because I've been moving, but I can't possibly let Harrisburg University's week-long social media blackout pass without a comment. I don't know about… Continue reading >A Week without Social Media (via Chimaera)


>AppleInsider | ATT CEO says most iPhone users won’t leave for other carriers

> Image by Getty Images via @daylife Even thou he is correct, he is still wrong. If a contract break is only equal to two months of service,; then, people may break them if they have a year left. I know I'veĀ mutteredĀ this idea over and over. I'm still hung up on the idea of the… Continue reading >AppleInsider | ATT CEO says most iPhone users won’t leave for other carriers