IS, Palmyra, and Israel

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The Independent: Palmyra
BBC News: Palmyra and Israel

The reports that continue to come out of Syria are simply overwhelming. IS is knowingly destroying UNESCO world sites, killing the local population at will, and recruiting child soldiers.

The raids follow the release of a video, apparently by IS, showing 25 men being shot dead in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. Stills from the video showed the killers appeared to be young teenagers.

I just have no idea what else to say therefore we must pray.
Pray for those under the occupation of IS forced.
Pray for the refugees seeking new homes and shelter.
Pray for those who see IS as the answer instead of seeking Christ.

All the prophets of Israel spoke about occupations of the promise land, annihilation of God’s people and reconciliation of those who were sinning against God. However, what is important to remember is that redemption can only happen through grace. Grace is not a thing but the Living Christ.

BBC Shares Life in IS Held Mosul

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BBC: Footage reveals IS regime in Mosul Link

We continue to see that these men are terrorist and should be stopped. The weak governments in Syria and Iraq are barely surviving the regional and sectarian violence being pushed by radical leaders in Saudi Arabia and Iran. When will it all stop?

Take time to pray for those in the occupied regions and making decisions about what to do to stop these atrocities.