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First, I have to say that if you are an Apple user of any kind and don’t read TUAW then you are really missing the boat. We all know that Safari looks great on the Apple.com page but it looks even better on TUAW so change that Home page now and then we shall move on. While up late this Sunday night, I stumbled upon this great story on TUAW about the inevitable iPhone 4.0 OS update. Sure it is not slated for release, nor has it been overly referenced as part of the Jan 27 press day but it is coming. Me personally I sent in a couple of suggestions for the TUAW guys and havn’t seen them listed here. However, They do have some really cool ideas.

My favs (listed with there # but in my order of importance) would have to be as follows: 
  6. Almost 80% of us want Flash, even if it’s a bad idea. (This has to be my #1 gripe on the iPhone, especially when I brag about its cool awesomeness only to open a flash page with little blue boxes or an update Java notice.)
  1. The lock screen needs to change. (I think this is an handy idea and a huge time saver.)
  4. Overhaul app navigation. (Those of us who have chubby fingers leave spaces on each screen to swipe. An overhaul could help, maybe.)
  10. 60% of us want a universal “documents” folder. (This would be great as a usable folder for instant file transfers from comp-to-comp.)

They are promising this will be updated each Sunday for the next four weeks. Lets all enjoy this together. I know I will enjoy blogging about this every Monday morning.

Dear Apple: What we want to see for iPhone 4.0, part 1

This is the first of a series of letters to Apple on your behalf, telling the gang in Cupertino what would make their wonder-phone even more wondrous. This letter strictly focuses on the iPhone OS in general – the home screen, navigation, and settings. Future letters will deal with hardware and applications.

There were so many suggestions, I needed to whittle them down. To do that, I tabulated how many times a feature request was made. If more than 50% of you mentioned it, it made it into the letter. If you guys want to see the others (most were one-offs or had less that 15% of you requesting it), perhaps I’ll add an extra letter onto the series at the end of its run.

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