CW 150: Secession, Timing, and Purpose

During the time following the attack on Ft. Sumter but before the Battle of Bull Run, the country held its breath and began to find out what secession really means. No one was truly surprised when Firebrands in GA and SC began to push the slave holding aristocracy towards secession in the Deep South. Lincoln could… Continue reading CW 150: Secession, Timing, and Purpose


>Kentucky Day 2: All things Southern… (via Blue Flamingo Blog)

>You guys were great Sunday morning. Really enjoyed the show. Keep us all, here in KY, informed about the possible CD releases. Who would have known that Cowboy Hats and checked shirts would have caused such joy for 6 jazz boys from London?  Indeed - today was a day filled with all things Southern!  After… Continue reading >Kentucky Day 2: All things Southern… (via Blue Flamingo Blog)