Remember in May and November… A Year Later

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This has been a wild set of days in April. From the protests in WV, OK, and AZ, to the ones we held here in KY, I feel exhausted and we still have 30days of school, some districts have almost 40 because of weather days. However, Tom Eben at the Herald-Leader made a good point in his OpEd “What’s Next?” What will KEA and the Ky state worker pensions groups do next to motivate voters? It is obvious that if the election for Governor were held last April, Bevin would be an easy target, but he is one man and one office. What is it that can be done to reshape the political dynamics and create a new landscape for voters to getting excited about?

Source: What’s next in the battle for public education in Kentucky? | Lexington Herald Leader

Cuts to public education, pensions, and tenure will do long-term damage to Kentucky. One solution is to elect more educators to public office.

Open Letter about JCPS

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JCPS is one of the largest consolidated school districts in the country and constitutes about 45% of all P-12 students in the Commonwealth. That alone should make many wonder how can you make the change and how long should it take? Additionally, If this takeover is being used to push a new competitive public education program with a mix of public and private charters what model should be used? Nashville is currently investigating the use of private family data, the misappropriation of funds by several charter schools, and disillusionment by parents. Indiana still is having trouble maintaining a balance between functioning charter schools and public schools, to the point of shutting down several. So, what will be the new answer to an old problem?