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BBC: US schools seek Apple iPad refunds

When TV was first being developed, suppliers said that it would be used to replace yachters in the classroom. The thought being that demand for quality teachers would far outweigh the supply chain of teachers in all districts, especially those considered lower socioeconomic or rurally isolated. Sixty years later, Apple, Pearson Education, and various other consortiums are peddling the same ridiculous story and now we have new set of Emperor’s Clothes. New technology will never save students from a school system, and in-large part community, that is failing to meet the needs of students. The LA United School District is ending their contract with Apple and Pearson and seeking legal action and possible damages against the tech group that developed their agreement.

Since LAUSD is choosing to sue those involved, we will begin to see a curious idea played out in the courts. Will LAUSD actually blame Pearson and Apple for failing to improve student scores. If, so they will be stating that success of students is not tied to teacher competency. That could be a dangerous political statement for one of the largest school districts in the country, especially going into an election cycle. Additionally, it could show that the leaders of the district see only external forces as a course for change in student growth instead of teachers.

This could be a no win situation for teachers, tech education growth, and the future of classrooms in large districts. Most education pundits agree that Apple oversold the software, Pearson flat out lied and then failed to meet the contact demands for content, and that the security breaches were going to happen no matter what. I’m not afraid of putting tech in the hands of students what angers me is putting tech integration policies in the hands of incompetent administrators.