Re-Watch The Godfather I and II

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When The Godfather showed up on Netflix a few months ago, I slotted it into the watchlist and played it when I could. I found myself watching pockets of about 20-45mins at a time and the movie has some candid elements to it that way. Sonny’s assassination was the last part I watched one night and it gave me chills all day thinking that, for some, it could be that brutal of a life and did family actually know your true self and loves. Seeing Michael broken when Apollonia is killed gives you so much more meaning to the way you view your wife. But of course, with all re-watches, there are things that seem a bit different from the first time around, especially with kids in the house.  Some of my observations:

Movie Review: Star Trek (2009)

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  After this summer, I tried my best to ignore news about the movie and did a decent job. However, yesterday my wait was over and I was surprised by wife. I watched Star Trek on DVD last night for the first time and it was everything I expected. In the extras section, JJ Abrams commented that they had hoped to create a refreshed modernized version of the original story. This by far is superior to the Star Wars Prequels. Over time I believe that this could become a valid and productive SciFi series again.

  Kirk and Spock are the center of the story but the aspect of fate and destiny are the crux of the issue. The relationships of the other reliables are here as well and the romance story is nice, unexpected but true to the concept of Vulcan life. Even though the inside jokes and geek one-liners are present throughout, I must admit that the campiness is gone and a raw realism is back in the story. STNG was missing a lot of that until the final production years but DS9 and Voyager were a cut above and you can see that in this movie. I would love to own this one day but for now a one night rental was enough to get the geek fix. It is a shame that the movie got lost in a lot of the noise made bu Transformers and GI Joe; however, this one will more than likely have the staying power and profitability that the other franchises may never know.

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