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>The ONE Campus Challenge.

The OCC Blog is a daily log of the ONE Campus Challenge, a friendly competition to determine which university‘s student body has the most effective global poverty-fighting campaign. The site is operated by ONE staff, Campus Outreach Ambassadors (COAs), and Campus Leaders.

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>Earthquake in Haiti



Map of Haiti with Port-au-Prince shownImage via Wikipedia

Last night, I was shocked and saddened to read about the devastation in Haiti. It is a sobbering reminder of the fragile life of developing nations and the relative ease we all have here in the US. Last week California experienced a quake of similar magnitude with very little after effects. While Haiti, still experiencing the devastation from last year’s flooding and hurricanes, is still left abandoned and under a pseudo-occupation. UN Peacekeepers roam the streets trying to keep the gangs and army from overthrowing the weakened government.
  As organizations begin to line-up for assistance and relief, I wonder what is the endgame of it all. Will this event just become another part of the long list of post-colonial disaster or will the major powers of the Western world actually begin to reinvest in a country desperate for economic renewal? If you have the means or the time do something to help!

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