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Checkmate (Patrick Bowers, #7)Checkmate by Steven James

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I like to read a series. There is something about getting a character and drilling down to the veins of truth that remain untouched as the world tramples past them. Patrick Bowers has his last moment in the sun with this book and the entire journey is completely worth it.
For those new to the series, don’t proceed past the spoilers below. In a nut shell this one is a bit light on the normal tech-heavy detective work of Bowers in the past books. How from the explosion at the NCAVC office in DC to final tent pole showdown this book is a runaway train. But along the way we see Bowers struggle with the overall idea of the series and a very Nietzsche-esque idea of the darkness staring back and becoming a reflection of the evil of another. Steven James also lets us peek in on a burgeoning marriage, Tessa preparing for college, and Brin’s new baby. If you are looking for a great, smart version of the CSI genre, jump in at the beginning with either. All of this at the same time that we are chasing a bomber/serial killer with a penchant for telling stories and getting the attention of others. Any one interested in the history of Charlotte would also fine this as a great thrill ride.

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Another Great Quote from Checkmate

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In truth, every one of us leads a double life. We act one way when the door is open, another when it’s closed. We have certain impressions we try to make on others, pretenses we strive to keep up. In some branches of criminology, deviancy is considered anything you do in the dark. In other words, it’s any act that you try to hide from others. So, what kind of person are you when the shades are drawn? That’s really the question. “Integrity,” as Dr. Werjonic used to say, “has no private life.”

Here the protagonist, Patrick Bowers, is taking to a fellow agent about his views.