Missing Moving Targets

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The current administration’s view on traditional marriage s apathetic, at best. Marriage licenses are state issued business contacts and as such they simplify the process of ownership in the instance of death or dissolving of a contract in the presence of joint ownership. The problem with the national debate and the political challenges of an ever evolving liberal view of same-sex marriage is summed up well by Ryan Anderson at the Daily SignalCitizens are, of course, free to redefine marriage policy to include same-sex relationships, but so too should citizens be free to retain in law the historic definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman—as citizens in a majority of states have done. Transversely, churches look at marriage as a religious covenant; in which, all parties involved are accountable for the successes and failures of the marriage. Allowing states to issue marriage licenses is not the end of the issue but the beginning.

The Orthodoxy of Faith

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Ron Dreher – Catholics, the Real Liberals

We were talking this morning about the Catholic Synod and were wondering at what point does the largest denomination of Christians stop being Christians and why are they choosing to do that? Is it that during the Medieval times that their need to be diversified in their regional management of Europe, that corruption of the very structures of Catholicism shifted to a politicized fiefdom of Italian families. Now 400 years later, the Reformed of the church are look in from the outside and not saying I told you so but how can we keep the liberal march of the Roman Church from destroying the conception of Christianity to those around the world. I constantly find myself at odds with what them RCC as opposed to actual Conservative Catholics. At the same time, so of my most politically liberal and religiously apathetic friends are Catholics. I just don’t understand how we got here.

Additionally, Dreher makes a great point that Pope Francis and his cadre of Liberal bishops could so radicalize the church that stalwart conservatives would leave in droves; thus, culling the lay leadership of the church and further reducing the next generation of church leaders as well. It is almost as if the reverse of what Xavier and Loyola were trying to do in the pressing days of the reformation. They double downed on orthodoxy reforms to create a group of Jesuit leaders to reinvigorate the church from within and then missionize the church without secular war. Now, Pope Francis is looking to secular culture as a means to find guidance instead of God. It may not be a bad thing for the church to be smaller and more centralized around a group of those who adhere to the structures of faith. Being a big tent doesn’t work in faith or politics, because everybody thinks they are the one directing the circus.