Republican or Trump, The RNC Has Left the Center.

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Their home is one of the centerpieces of an eminent domain issue surrounding the new Foxconn factory being built new Racine, WI.
Kim Mahoney and her husband, Jim.Photograph by Philip Montgomery for The New Yorker.

During the current election cycle, it has been difficult to watch what is happening on both sides of the aisle. However, as the days pass, the next Congress has made it clearer, I should have heavy burdens on what has happened to the RNC. Since Republicans in WI have dropped all semblance of supporting eminent domain in favor of short-term economic gain, every conservative voter should question what they present as viable economic liberties. Additionally, as many RNC members continue to cozy up to foreign investors, you should take a long hard look at who is moving to your neighborhood with a collection of promised jobs. In hand, with this, the issues coming to light in GA of voter fraud and voter suppression by expunging registration roles is simply ridiculous. If the RNC has good candidates and a valid platform then they would win races in GA and NC without gerrymandered districts and registration manipulation. However, that is not the case and sadly leadership in both states continue to use backroom politics to gain and keep control.

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