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Well, I just finished watching the vid intro, for FusionGarage,  over on Engadget, and these new Grid design UIs are really interesting. Insteading of building a UI based on pagination they created a grid desktop with a static visual underlay. Within each grid box a user can create attached apps that reduce down to a single grid square or expand to an asymetracal layout designed, again, by user choice. The 10″ tablet shares information with its smaller version the 4″ phone; thus, viewing on the go is a sync, I mean cinch.  The video also shows some great response times and snappy UI choices. By including volume spinners, virtual dials within the UI, and constant page scroll for longer page readings the user has a better interaction instead of learning how-to. iPad and iOS were game changers but this new interface, built on-top of UNIX and Android, looks like a wonderful alternative. They wont have a huge market saturation in the US immediately, but this could be a Galaxy Tab killer in the Asian Markets.