Champions, no more…

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Today,  Spain was the  first  team to be eliminated and  ended  an era  of amazing soccer.  Lucky draws,  great  ball-handling,  and  scoring  drives that I will always remember.  Of course holding my daughter the day they won  four years ago  was a memory  I’ll have  forever but I can hope that  maybe this time around  it’ll  be  the US in cheering for in the championship.


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Eastern Kentucky University"The Colonel"

Eastern Kentucky University”The Colonel” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


NCAA Academic Progress Rating


This is a great tool for students to look at and for those who are competitive to brag, “Hey your team won more games but we have more graduates!”


The tool breaks down APR for all sports and has the ability to look at schools by state or conference.  USC and Clemson are both in the top 10% this but the rates they are showing are  consistently above the reqs for all sports. Within the SEC, UF has the highest overall ranking with Vandy and USC close behind. However, in the basketball crazy state of Kentucky, ULouisville is Number one with a perfect score, EKU is in second, and UK in Third.






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