POTUS45 is wrong on immigration

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This week DJT signed an executive order limiting all immigration from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria, to the US and  refusing entry of anyone with these passports. I don’t think that this is the way. First, we have formal diplomatic relations with these governments and embassies in the US, what happens to diplomatic families? Second, the issue of allowing foreign nationals and refugees into the US has been a fundamental fabric of American society.  We are a nation of immigrants, even the POTUS’ family, all three wives, both daughters-in-law and son-in-law come from families of European decent. Why are we saying NO to this one group? 

What about those who helped or are helping with US military action forces since 2008? Why now? What if the US had stopped the flow of all Brits in 1790s and 1810s, Mexicans in 1820s and 1920s, Germans after WW1, Japanese after WW2, Koreans after 1950, or Vietnamese after 1965? How many of his staff, Cabinet, and the current Congress wouldnt have existed under these types of constraints?

Pandering to political bias doesn’t help fix the problem that most illegal immigrants come to the US legally and never go home, because the system is understaffed. Fix the system and create pro-peace policies abroad to stem the flow of refugees. By closing the border, companies and investors may limit involvement overseas, thus staggering economic growth. Free trade means open borders. 


Iraq was not a ‘Good Deal’


Daniel Larison wrote a good response to Jeb Bush’s horrible foreign policy interview with Politico today. He sums up the whole foreign policy debate very well with this little qipp:

The Iraq war was an appalling, unnecessary disaster for all concerned, and anyone that doesn’t understand that should never be allowed near the presidency.

Jeb’s other comments about “finding moderates” in Syria and Iraq, while empowering them, would stop the Wars and create peace is simply horse malarkey. These candidates are just ridiculous… Will the real leaders of America please standup and start running for office.