Democracy Kills Itself With Autocracy

The Atlantic has been ahead of the curve in covering the collapsing RNC into a Leninesque Personality Culty. Their latest piece by Anne Applebaum (see quote below) is a reflection of the loss of modern conservatism to the hatred of racist ethnocentric nationalism.  It is no surprise that I constantly struggle with the idea of allowing… Continue reading Democracy Kills Itself With Autocracy


2018 Election is a Referendum on Trump, not Conservativism.

In the Washington Post today, Tom Nichols has an OpEd arguing the validity of voting for the GOP this year if you consider yourself a Conservative Republican.  Nichols, “every vote for any GOP candidate will be a signal from the rank and file that elected Republican officials should remain supine while Trump takes a hatchet to… Continue reading 2018 Election is a Referendum on Trump, not Conservativism.