Why Generation X Might Be Our Last, Best Hope | Vanity Fair

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Why Generation X Might Be Our Last, Best Hope | Vanity Fair

The problem with generations is that their ends are not easily defined but their experiences are easily remembered. We are the sons and daughters of the generation that fought against communism and for social justice. Turns out the costs were almost too high as the country spent the better part of the 60s being ripped apart and only to be on the financial brink during the 70s. 

Rich Cohen makes the best case for how we can “Save Ferris.” The only way is to stop being the crazy helicopter parents for the world, narcissists pop stars, and trust fund families. Give people space to live life, have fun, make mistakes, but most of all learn for their own. Take the time and read it. It’ll make you feel better or maybe not.

That is, we are the last Americans to have the old-time childhood, wherein you were assigned a bully along with a homeroom teacher. Our childhood was closer to those of the 1950s than to whatever they’re doing today. It was coherent, hands-on, dirty, and fun.

Teenage Fame and Public Immorality


>Ever since the Brat Pack of the 1980’s, America has been obsessed with the downfall of young actors and pop stars. It’s sad to say but TV and magazines have made money off the complete disillusionment of young fame. The sad truth is now the issue has slowly turned into the underage pornography overload. High School Musical and Miley Cyrus are the new victims of this onslaught.
With the digital age upon us, it is easy for so many to take quick vids and pics of people in public or even ourselves for friends and family. The disturbing fact is that in the case of Miley Cyrus she is still a minor; yet, provocative pictures have surfaced on the internet. The Vanity Fair incident was one thing; but, this is completely irresponsible for all people involved. Apparently someone, rumors point to Nick Jonhas, obtain and posted her personal pictures online. Within the past few weeks this has viraled this out of control, even to the point that the hacker is asking for money to release the rest of the pics.
I must say that the internet is not a simple place of privacy or innocence it seems. However, that does not mean that we as a society must devolve to a point of immorality. I am not a fan of this new wave of teen entertainment; however,I sincerely hope that the Cyrus family prosecutes the offender. At some point this has to stop.

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