Hong Kong Day 10: Flying home


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Our journey back home began with a harrowing drive through the streets of Tsuen Wan and Tai Wen. After two rides in a Citroen Picasso, I could get use to driving one of those. Its something like a mini minivan. At the airport we met with Irene and the girls, a hand full of new gifts, including a fun outfit for my oldest daughter and then a trip home. The best part about this flight was the chance to see Japan and southern China during daylight. HK was heavily fogged in but after about an hour we could see anything, even the lights of Sitka, AK. Of course the oddest thing is getting to see the sunrise on the same day twice. But Now I’m back home and getting back to the grind of things again soon.

Hong Kong Day 9: Tai O Village and Kong Fu

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This will be my last post from Hong Kong. As it holds to tradition this week, a late night post with just a few pics. This morning I went down early to change a little bit of US$ and realized while I was standing in the lobby that I didn’t have a pic of Simba and the Pandas. I’m going to snap one more tomorrow mornign iwt the piano ones, they are a little creepy. Our morning at the school was nice we spent time with the Form 2 students, grade 7 , work on a small wood shop craft. Then we went downstairs to learn a little Kung Fu. Master Hong is seriously strong and really patient with his students. After lunch at a Vietnamese place in CityGate, we traveled over the Lantau mountains again to a small fishing village, Tai O. It was cold and rainy but I got some decent pics with the Sony. The odd looking dried skin is suppose to be a shark of manta ray skin and those realy are tombstones high above the village on the mountainside.

\Later on we finished up some shopping at we treated to a dinner buffet in the Novotel Hotel. Nice mix of European and Asian dishes.  We capped the evening with a farewell party in one of the teacher’s flats and I’ve been packing for about 2 hours.  Well and early morning and a flight home are on the agenda for tomorrow.